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About The Auther:

My names Rusty D West, I was born in Thornville,Ohio on 6/3/94.

Nothing professionally justifies me to be a spokesman for music. But heres why i do it; since the age of 7 music struck me as the biggest support for life. It made me feel as though I had better reason to live. At 7 I started writing my own music and started understanding music for what it really was, not just a catchy groove. Growing up i haven’t lived the greatest nor the worst life. But suffer from severe depression. Which I find music to be a cure. I judge music based off lyrics most part, slightly flow/rythem etc... Iv took the time to build my own studio and get my own equipment to record with local artist and see what its all about, to really get down and dirty to learn the step by step process.


6/1/12: Site up and running.

6/14/12: Song Choice Update

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Reality Records has two goals. A short-term and a long-term:

Short-term: Influence people toward underground rap daily and promote their music.

Long-term: Eventually we want to change hip-hop radio play by influencing them toward underground rap overall changing the  majority of  "Sex, drugs and money" out look toward rap that most rap criticizers find unattractive.


"Its kind of virtuous when your virtually un heard of with verbal perversions worthy of thirty Grammys per verse and yea it kind of hurts you at first when your damn fans cant understand your words (like they heard the verse in reverse)" - Oreo - Ipod -

"Each verse nuclear bomb with atomic hook , so much ink on my skin im a comic book, popped so many pills i was seeing pink elephants irrelavent , ill still rip your skull from your skelleton" - Mad Child - Gremlin -

"You can see the bitch in a nigger when the pump in the mouth , kill his whole fucking  family, then pump in the house, wipe the finger prints off throw the pump on the couch, what evers left in the hand guns im dumping them out" - Reed Dollaz - Trigger Battle -

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13640 Blue Jay Rd., Newark, Ohio | 740-616-1428


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