Oreo:Hate,Ipod,Drop my head,Reaper,SuperHero,Burn it down,2009 Anthem,Whats on T.V. , Blah, Intro, Paranoid

Promise: 767,Motovational Freestyle,Blowing Money Fast Freestyle,One mic Freestyle,No Love Freestyle,Stuntin Like My Daddy,Missed Me Freestyle,Promises Town,Dont Open My Eyes,The Way I Love You

Mad Child: Black Phantom, Mr.Suicidal,Black Belt Freestyle,Gremlin,Hanging On By A Thread,

Reed Dollaz: Fire Flame Spitters,Sacrifice,Squad Up,Changes,All Bars No Hooks,Start It Up,Shoot Off

Tha Joker:We do it for fun pt.1, We do it for fun pt.2, Idougie 2,

Twisted Insane: Kick Rocks, Visions, Black Out, I could've been....,

MGK: Salute, Chip off the block, Invincible, End of the road,



 (Note: I'm trying to make view of artist that are underground and are very talented , Any excluded artist does not mean i dis-like them, Contact me for opinions and suggestions.)


friday the7th

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